How To Store Adobe AIR Application Preferences Using JavaScript

Adobe AIR has paved way for Rich Desktop Applications that are working in unison with Web 2.0 applications. The advent of twitter clients made in Adobe AIR has given this platform the maximum exposure. The Adobe AIR applications have given rise to those applications which according to me may be termed as Desktop 2.0 applications(In conjunction with Web 2.0) . I have tried to compile a list of cheatsheets for Adobe AIR here.

Adobe® AIR™ for JavaScript Developers Pocket Guide (PDF)

A sample from the Adobe® AIR™ for JavaScript Developers Pocket Guide

A sample from the “Adobe® AIR™ for JavaScript Developers Pocket Guide”

This official Javascript developers pocketbook provides with a quick introduction to development of Adobe AIR applications. It starts with an overview of Adobe AIR, then shows how to set up development environment, and discusses the all new Adobe AIR functionality and APIs. The tidbits you will carry from this book are – a good understanding of what Adobe AIR is and ways to build HTML and JavaScript applications for the platform.

AIR Cheatsheets from ActionScriptCheatsheet (PDF)
This pdf is a 7-pages long Adobe AIR cheat sheet which was created by Sean Moore at ActionScriptCheatsheet. This guide is a quick reference tool listing out all the languages basics like constants, variables etc. This is a no-nonsense guide  and goes straight to the point. The only extraneous information in this pdf is the Adobe AIR logo ;) . If you are going to be an Adobe AIR developer, I recommend you to take a print out of it, stick it to your desk and refer while programming.

Understanding the Potential of Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)(PDF)
This is not actually a Cheatsheet. Instead, it is a white paper that is written to cater to the executives, project managers, marketers and other visionaries by providing with an introduction to Adobe AIR, and information about how Adobe AIR can be leveraged to create next generation web experiences.

I am sure the above list is no-way exhaustive. If you find any other resource , please enlightnen me. I will add it to this list.

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